Lion Kids C

Children have crucial nutritional requirements. An abundant and well-balanced diet can provide it. Sometimes, specially at the time of reduced parental supervision, child may have a propensity to eat food which provide poor nutrition such as candy, snacks, junk food, and soft drinks. Excess of eaten sweets and other modern "junk food" increases the need for Multivitamin preparations. The lack of zinc in the body absorbs more lead and cadmium, which threatens us and must be neutralized. Moreover, many of the ingredients we may use in our cooking do not contain the same level of quality nutrients as years ago.

Children also suffer from stress in kindergarten. Stress lowers the body's immunity and increases the incidence of infections. This requires systematic support with supplements to ensure proper child development.
For these reasons, many parents reach for dietary supplements to ensure their children are getting all the nutrients they need for proper growth. Lion Kids is a complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals to help support optimum development of your child. The Lion Kids family includes a version with extra Vitamin C, and a version with extra Vitamin D.

Lion Kids C - animal-shaped tablet for children, great in sore throat for adults.

* Accelerates the healing wounds, burn and ulcers
* Works anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic
* Has a positive impact on cardiovascular system
* Reduces cholesterol levels in plasma
* He takes part in the production of collagen, bone and cartilage
* It strengthens the immune system and thus protects against infections, shorten their duration
* Plays an important role in metabolism
* Protects against the effects of chronic stress
* Helps in the absorption of iron
* With the folic acid and vitamin B12 stimulates the formation of red blood cells
* It protects the circulatory system
* Neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals
* Prevents the formation of nitrozamine, which play a significant role in the formation of tumor cells


- You should consult with a qualified medical practitioner before using any supplement.
- This product should be administered only with adult supervision, and must be kept out of reach of children at all times. A child may mistake it for candy, and, if it is accessible, consume more tablets at a single time than is healthy.
- Never exceed the recommended dose.

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