Xantho PLUS

Record-breaking antioxidants complex from carefully selected extracts of the fruit.
A strong dose of natural antioxidants derived from fruit is one of the basic ways of feeding and maintaining good health.

New product Xantho PLUS  contain extract from Asiatic fruit so-called mangosteen -  a fruit of the Gods.

Apart from  mangosteen , the formula contains, in the form of extracts, the precious active ingredients such as polyphenols and xanthones (have a very positive effect on the cardiovascular system and lipid metabolism), green tea, grapefruit, grape seed, pomegranate, bilberry and blueberry – all concentrated in a capsule.

Free radicals are produced in our body even during normal biochemical processes, but many of them are created by external factors mainly associated with civilization such as: smog, cigarette smoke, ozone, ultraviolet radiation, certain medicines and other chemicals. On an average day our cells might be exposed to approximately 10 000 “free radical attacks”.

Our body protects itself against all of these by producing compounds with antioxidant effects, but we can also obtain such substances from external sources, for example via food, and high quality dietary supplements.

Xantho PLUS, with its antioxidant effects may offer help for everyone who:

- would like to support their body against the cell damaging effects of free radicals
- eats in a hurry, and experience lack of proper diet and nutrition
- abuses alcohol
- uses pharmaceuticals and contraception,
- is in elderly age
- is physically active (athletes and recreational)
- works hard physically
- lives and works in a contaminated environment
- smokes

Product available variations:

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Xantho PLUS - 90 capsules 22.00 EUR -
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