Resveratrol Plus

The secret to a healthy and active heart - wine without the alcohol!

Constant living in a hurry, fatigue, stress, lack of oxygen in the urban areas is a result of cardiac ailments, lack of vitality and energy of life.  Resveratrol Plus is designed for all those who wishing to strengthen and normalize their cardiovascular system. 

The beneficial effects are not due to the alcohol itself, but the polyphenol compounds found in red wine, which offer powerful antioxidant protection against the cell damaging effects of free radicals, support blood vessels and possess anti-ageing effects as well.

Resveratrol is a reply to:

    - harmful environmental factors such as heavy metals, UV radiation,
    - fungal infections,
    - bacterial and viral infections,
    - stress

Resveratrol is present in over 70 plants such as:

    - grapes
    - peanuts
    - mulberry fruit
    - apricots, cranberries
    - cranberries, blueberries
    - black currant, pineapple

     The extract of Resveratrol  100 mg
     Grape Seed Extract 50 mg
     Coenzyme Q10 - 20 mg
Beneficial effect of Resveratrol formula:

 - antioxidant properties
 - defence against free radicals
 - ageing process deceleration
 - support the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system
 - energy production process at the cellular level - ENERGY AND VITALITY
 - proper circulation
 - regulation of cholesterol and triglyceride turnover

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