Aquabelle Hydratiing Cleanser Lotion

Aquabelle Hydrating Cleanser Lotion

Aquabella Cleanser especially recommended for people with sensitive skin type. Thanks to the delicate texture at the same time cleanses and moisturizes the skin, face, without violation to its natural protective layer. Aquabella Lotion Cleanser is the perfect combination of modern technology in the perfection of nature:

Ingredients are contained in the preparation of natural origin, modern components,
new and revolutionary technology patent:

* Clean water to a reduction in the deuterium (water ZZD also called water hydro-light) that the lower water content of deuterium in the slower process of cell division that is the systematic application of processes result in a delay of aging . Lower the frequency of breakdowns and the risk of irregular divisions.

Active ingredients Aqabelle Clenser
Water (Hydro-Light) - moistens skin
Bisabolol - soothes irritated skin, has been shown to be antiphlogistic
Avocado oil, jojoba oil -  softens and lubricates the skin

The new line of cosmetics - use for daily care, the make-up and each day for the purification and refreshment. I also recommend a set of Aqabelle Cleanser, Aqabelle Regenerating Cream (per day) and Aqabelle Naurishing Cream (at night).

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