Aquabelle Regenerating Cream (50ml)- Day Cream

Aquabelle Regenerating Cream (50ml)- Day Cream

Cream for daily skin care and make-up as the foundation: stimulates a multi-regenerative processes in the skin, restoring its relevant moisturizing, lubrication, elasticity and smoothness.
Aquabella is the perfect combination of modern technology in the perfection of nature.

  In the preparation compounds that are active at the natural origin. These are modern components. This is the new revolutionary technology patent:

* Clean water to a reduction in the deuterium (water ZZD also called light-water hydro) to reduce cell division, or delay the aging processes, and reducing the risk dividing invalid cells.

Active ingredients:

* Water (Hydro-Light) - moistens skin

* CERAMIDE - regenerates complexion, works nutritionally

* Avocado oil, jojoba oil - softens and lubricates the skin

* Glycerol - moisturizes the skin, improves elasticity and moisture content of the epidermis

* Vitamin E - inhibits the aging of skin, smooths wrinkles

Apply with a Cleanser Lotion Aqabelle for washing the face, cream for day and night.
This set is the warrant of a comprehensive skin-care where ingredients are mutually complementary.

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