Aquabelle Nourishing Cream (50ml) - Night Cream

Aquabelle Nourishing Cream (50ml) - Night Cream

Recommended for daily care at night. Intensively nourishes the skin, improves its flexibility and color. A complex emulsion - oil in water and water in oil - provides a profound moisturized effect by the gradual release of active ingredients.

Nourishing Cream for the night is ideal for:
- Mature, more demanding skin
- Persons with dryor problematic skin

Cosmetics Aquabella is a combination of modern technology in the perfection of nature.
The components of natural origin, modern components, the new revolutionary technology patent:

* Clean water with a reduction of deuterium (water ZZD also called water hydro-light) - see the day cream


* The water hydro-Light - moisturizes , inhibits the aging process

* Avocado oil - oils and softens skin

* Glycerol, urea - moisturizes the skin, improves elasticity and moisture content of the epidermis

* Extract of oil from oil - protects against loss of excessive moisture, prevent dryness and oils

* Dimetikon - act as a safeguard against over-drying skin

* Vitamin E - smooths wrinkles and inhibits the aging process

* Extract from the yeast - suitable for skin stimulation and anti-wrinkle process .

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