Arginine Plus

Arginine Plus

The product recommended to people who are taking medication and drink alcohol. It supports the production of growth hormone and insulin. Arginine Plus is necessary for the athletes. It develops and strengthens muscular tissue, and reduces the amount of fat in the body.
It also accelerates the elimination of toxins and wound healing and increases the production of sperm.

Arginine is a precursor to creatine, which plays an important role in muscular energy and power output. Scientific studies have shown that L-arginine is needed for protein synthesis and optimal growth. It supports the production of growth hormone. Helping to support improved circulation, combined with arginine’s role in cell division, and muscular energy, is the reason arginine supplementation is popular among performance athletes.

Arginine plays an important role to maintain a healthier immune system, slows the formation of tumors. Support detoxification in the liver, helps to eliminate toxic ammonia from the body.

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