Probio Balance

Probiotics are living, beneficial microorganisms, which survive the destructive effects of gastric acids, bile acid and digestive enzymes and reach the colon alive, where they are able to colonize and multiply.

Intestinal flora is composed of bacterium species that have colonized on the mucous membrane of the intestines. There are several hundred bacterium species like that on the colon, living in symbiosis with the host body.


  1. create the balance of the intestinal functions
  2. promote the absorption and utilization of certain nutrients
  3. promote adequate peristaltic movement
  4. produce vitamins (K,B, folic acid)
  5. greatly support the healthy functioning of the immune system

For proper functioning of probiotics, prebiotics are needed too. Prebiotics are complex carbohydrates which, being the only food of probiotics are able to stimulate their growth and promote their colonization.

Ideally, intestines and bacteria living are in a state of balance, which may be easily upset by external circumstances. If the balance is upset, otherwise normally present pathogen bacteria and other microorganisms may multiply quicker to the detriment of beneficial bacteria. The underlying cause of an upset balance is mostly stress, faulty diet, antibiotic therapies, as well as different diarrheal conditions (for example during traveling).

ProbioBalance is a complex formula (a so called symbiotic). It contains three probiotic strains (Lb. acidophilus, Lb. rhamnosus and B. longum) in 4 billion germ number, complemented with prebiotics (fructo-oligosaccharide). Due to its chewable formula and mild fruity taste it is easy to use, ideal even for children. Due to its elevated germ number we especially recommend it following antibiotic therapy, as well as during journeys.

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