Beauty Formula

Beauty Formula is a complex product containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, collagen and herbs. The active ingredients of Beauty Formula may help preserve the healthy structure of hair, skin and nails.

The main ingredient of Beauty Formula is silicon. It can be found in our body mostly in connective and supportive tissues. Thanks to silicon our skin sustain flexible, nails are harder than ever and brittle hair strong and shiny. This formula presents silicon in its natural form.

Other ingredients are:
- Methionine and cysteine - they form the components of the collagen fibres of skin, and hence may support the skin’s flexibility.  They are also necessary to build up keratin, which makes up 95% of the structure of hair.
- Vitamins A, B2, B3 and C and iodine - are responsible for preserving the healthy structure of hair, skin and nails.
- Vitamin B6 - participates in protein metabolism
- Vitamin B12 - an important participant of energy processes
- Zinc - supports the immune system and maintain the health of skin
- Copper - plays an important role in the development and preservation of the colour or pigmentation of skin and hair
- Nettle -  a herb that nourishes hair bulbs and strengthens hair
- Extra collagen -  for healthy and flexible skin.

The ingredients of Beauty Formula supporting our beauty on the inside can be completed with the CaliVita Cosmetics products on the outside.  The regular use  may render your hair even more radiant, and your skin more fresh, firm and youthful.

Product available variations:

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Beauty Formula - 90 capsules 21.00 EUR -
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