L-Lysine PLUS

Lysine belongs to a group of essential amino acids, which means that our body cannot produce it by itself and therefore it must be supplied with the diet. L-Lysine PLUS contains also Vitamin C, which complements its action.

Approximately 20% of the human body is composed by proteins that constantly change – break down and rebuild. This process is dependent on the supply of amino acids, because they constitute as a building bricks of all proteins. In the human body there are 20 different amino acids. With the huge number and variety of combinations of molecular weight, the number of protein types found in nature is unbelievably high. Therefore, they play a variety of functions in the body: some are involved in the construction of tissues (muscles, bones, nails, hair), other in metabolic processes, nutrition transport; some of them are acting as hormones or  growth factors . They may also play an important role in immune system defence .
Body cannot synthesize, produce 9 amino acids, including L-lysine, which is why the we need to obtain them from external sources, e.g. via food intake. We call them exogenous or essential amino acids.
The appropriate intake of amino-acids, it is equally important to maintain their balance and this mainly depends on the composition of our daily diet. If the content of amino acids in the diet is inadequate (due to improper diet, a vegetarian diet, weight loss, low protein diet, insufficient nourishment), the metabolism of proteins can be disrupted. The absence or low content of even one essential amino acid prevents or restricts the use of other amino acids to protein production.
L-Lysine participates in the construction of proteins, mainly in the muscles and bones. It is essential in formation of collagen occurring in the skin, tendons, cartilage, bone, blood vessel walls. Collagen also gives elasticity and firmness of cells. L-Lysine also plays an important role in the formation of enzymes, hormones, antibodies. It promotes calcium absorption and plays an important role in the synthesis of L-carnitine (a substance involved in metabolism of fats).

MAIN BENEFITS of L-Lysine Plus are :

-Assists the absorption of calcium.

- May have beneficial effects on:
 - connective tissues
 - vein walls,
 - bone structure,
 - fat metabolism,
 - energy producing,
 - muscular activities.

- Necessary for the formation of collagen.

L-lysine Plus supplementation is recommended to people:

- on a vegan, vegetarian diet
- on a slimming diet
- low protein diet
- using at work physical strain
- vulnerable to stress,
- cares about their appearance
In addition, L-lysine PLUS is the product that also contains vitamin C. Vitamin C plays an important role in the synthesis of collagen. It is a wonderful antioxidant, protects DNA, proteins, fats from oxidation. Supports the immune system, affects the proper functioning of the nervous system, plays an important role in energy metabolism and the absorption of iron.

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