Spirulina Chlorella PLUS

Spirulina Chlorella PLUS is a set of two different, complementary species of algae - Spirulina and Chlorella - enriched with the addition of wheat grass, alfalfa leaf powder, as well as mixture of valuable "green component" and antioxidants such as celery seed powder, kelp powder, cabbage powder, spinach powder, dandelion root powder, parsley powder, lutein extract, lycopene extract, brussel sprouts leaf powder, black radish root powder, Aloe vera powder, broccoli powder.

The consumption of algae has been always very popular in the Asian, African, Cuban and Mexican cuisines, however not in Europe. The Western world has taken note of them only recently, as traditional Eastern medicines and natural solutions have come to the public interest again.

Both spirulina and chlorella alga in CaliVita formula are an excellent protein sources, which are very easy to digest. Therefore, they are utilized very easily.

They have exceptional iodine content, hence their consumption may be especially useful in continental where people have suffered from inadequate iodine intake. Iodine is responsible mainly for the production of thyroid hormones, adequate metabolism, energy production processes. It also plays an important role in the preservation of the health of hair, skin and nails.

Also very important component of these two algae is chlorophyll that mainly is in charge of detoxifying and alkalizing our body.

In addition spirulina and chlorella are rich sources of vitamins, minerals as well as fibres, so they  support health effectively.


Those suffering from thyroid disorder please seek medical advice before applying the formula.

Directions: Take 1 tablet daily or as directed.

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