How often should we detoxify our body? 

Detoxification should take place several times a year. 

Depends on:

* Your lifestyle.
* Diet. 
* Amount of sweets you eat 
* Cigarettes you smoke 
* Alcohol abuse
* Environment we live in 
* Magnetic field that surrounds us 
* Stress level  

Studies have shown that 70-80% of people have mycosis. Mycosis is produced by toxins, which cause various diseases and, above all, weaken the immune system.

Many of the microorganisms present in our bodies are beneficial. For example, we could not digest our food without the presence of bacteria in the intestine. Unfortunately, many other microbes that enter our metabolism, such as viruses, bacteria and fungi, may be detrimental to optimum health. 70-80% of people suffer from mycosis throughout the body. These fungus produce toxins that cause in result many, various diseases and, above all, weaken the immune system.
Para Protex copes with all parasites that harass our body. It destroys bacteria causing dysentery, cholera and microorganisms that cause infections of the urinary system. Extract from nut fruit destroys worms and annelidas. Long-term fight against lambliasis will end successfully.

How to get rid of intruders?

"Invasion" of parasites is more widespread than we think. Statistically 70-80% of people have a chance to be infected.  Regardless parasites we deal with, their presence is always harmful. Defence against parasites is old as humanity itself. In our arsenal, along with the latest weapons produced by genetic methods, there are methods developed on many years of observation and experience of people from different corners of the World.

There are several aromatic herbs, oils and fruits in nature that have shown immune system strengthening properties. Such substances may be helpful in protecting the body against unwanted parasites.

1.  Rangoon Creeper Fruit has long been used by the population of India for its antiseptic and antihelmintic (antiparasite) properties.
2. Wormseed is an annual flowering plant native to Central and South America, that both the Aztecs and Mayas used to expel intestinal worms. It has also antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. It acts against diarrhoea and fever, and an extract of the leaves relieves pain in the abdomen.
3. Extract from Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) known as the alkaloid berberine has demonstrated strong antibiotic properties.  It may help to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria that causes dysentery, cholera and microorganisms that cause various infections and eczema. It strengthens the immune system. It is effective in the fight against arthritis.
4. Myrrh (resin of shrub Commifora myrrha) beneficially affects the immune system, protects the liver and spleen from toxic substances and improving theirs functions. It also has been used since ancient times as a tonic to improve the circulation. In modern pharmacology, myrrh is most often used in mouthwashes and toothpaste for its antiseptic properties.
5. The active substance from the aromatic spice Cloves - Eugenol is a strong oxidant, that has shown antihelmintic, antiseptic and painkilling properties. There are indications that cloves also help support intestinal functioning and strengthens the immune system.
6. Extract from Pau D’Arco  contains over 20 active compounds, inhibits the activity of enzymes produced by micro-organisms. Has antibiotic, and antifungal effects.
7. The pigment found in the shell of Walnut contains a natural substances with strong disinfectant properties. Extract from the fruit of nut destroys parasites, worms and especially annelidas.
8. Grapefruit seed extract has shown extremely antiseptics properties.
9. Garlic - known and used in folk medicine for centuries, has also demonstrated strong antimicrobial properties.

Para Protex is also very rich in vitamins and minerals.


- You should consult with a qualified medical practitioner before taking any supplement.
- This product is intended for adults only, and should not be taken during pregnancy or nursing.
- Herbs are not a substitute for proper medical treatment. In case of health problems related to parasites, visit your doctor immediately!

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