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Marketing System - Basic Principles

Basic Principles

International offers everyone boundless opportunities. Success depends only on the energy and time invested by the Member, as well as on the size and functioning ability of the network arising from the Member's personal efforts .
The CaliVita® International Marketing Network operates as a uniform global system in over 30 countries. The system is governed by the CaliVita® International Marketing Regulations that make it possible to build a secure and lucrative business. The Member can purchase products and re-sell them with a 33-percent price margin, as well as sponsor acquaintances, friends, and family Members to join the Network.

By helping others achieve success, the sponsoring Member will add to their own success. Just like the branches of a tree, that spread, strengthen and bear progressively more and more fruit, so too does the Network grow. As it grows, it becomes stronger and provides more and more opportunities for success for it's Members. The Company provides the optimum environment to encourage this expansion and rewards its Members with extra payments for the generation of new business.
The Network tends to grow through natural momentum. Impressed with the quality and effectiveness of CaliVita® products, Members share their experience with friends and acquaintances thereby helping others to learn about the products and the opportunity to better their lives. Thus network marketing is often nothing more than sharing information and personal experiences.

Every product carries a certain number of  Bonus Points (BP) and Trade Points (TP). When the Member purchases a product, he or she will receive Bonus Points and Trade Points, which are tallied by the Company on a monthly basis.

The Member's nominal achievement level is determined by the total amount of the Personal and Group Bonus Points, which can range from 4 % to 21 %, but this, together with the payments, could be further increased by using other incentive systems. The Member is entitled to receive the payment on a monthly basis.

Although a Member of the CaliVita® International Network joins in his or her home own country, the Network is a global system. Thus the Member may purchase the complete product range of the Company including products which may not be on the product list of the given country. In addition, the Member can freely organize his or her personal network in any country where CaliVita® International is present. There are no geographical restrictions for the recruitment of new Members. The Company always tallies Bonus Points and Trade Points on a global level, and payments will be made to the Member's account in his or her home country.

By purchasing the product himself or herself, the Member receives Personal Bonus Points (PBP). If he or she offers this business opportunity to acquaintances and those acquaintances become Members of the Network or purchase product from the Member, he or she will become the sponsor of the new Member. In such case, the Company calculates Group Bonus Points (GBP) for the Member based on their group product purchases.

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