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General Regulations

1. the CaliVita® International Network is operated by the company that is entitled to use the name and trademark "CaliVita® International - Member of the California Group" (hereinafter: the Company).

2. Members included in the sponsor lines registered by the Company at any given time constitute the CaliVita® International Network (hereinafter: CV Network), which is a uniform, global entity regardless of the country or countries in which members operate.

The CV Network Operational, Disciplinary and Ethics Regulations (hereinafter: Regulations) determine the rights and obligations of CV Network members (hereinafter: Member), and also establishes the rules of the relationship between the Company and the CV Network, and between the Member and the CV Network.

3. The Member binds himself or herself to comply with the Regulations by signing the application form after carefully reading and understanding the contents of the Regulations.

3. 1. CV Network Member can be:

- Any person of adult age.

- A legal entity, or a firm without legal entity, registered or entered into the records in the given country, or an organization, which is in direct connection, through its representative, with the CV Network (hereinafter: non-person entity)  

The term ´representative´: a private person designated by a non-person entity Member, and registered as such with the Company, who conducts a de facto activity within the CV Network on behalf of and for the benefit of the non-person entity Member.

3. 2. A person, or a non-person entity, can only have one membership in the CV Network.

3. 2. 1. The spouse of a Member is allowed to join the CV Network on his or her own right within the same sponsor line only.

3. 3. A non-person entity Member may register a maximum of two people as representatives.
If the two persons registered as representatives by the non-person entity Member build the business together, then both persons have equal right to use the code number. In this case, the representatives are both equally entitled to participate at managerial meetings, festive gatherings, success seminars, trips and other meetings and events organized by the Company.

3. 4. A person who is registered with the Company as a representative of a Member non-person entity, cannot be a Member of the CV Network as a private person.

3. 5. The person Member, or the lone representative of a non-person entity Member, is entitled to invite for a success seminar - combined with trips - one person from his or her direct family members.

3. 6. If the non-person entity Member has registered with the Company two persons as representatives, then only the two such designated representatives shall be entitled to participate in a success seminar - combined with trips - sponsored by the Company.

4. Completion and signing of the admission statement and the payment of the membership fee constitute an application for membership in the CV Network. The membership becomes valid upon acceptance of the application and issuance of a membership code by the Company.

5. The Member is obliged to report any and all changes to the information provided on the admission statement to the Company within 14 days and not later than the 5th day of the month immediately following the month in which the change takes place.

6. Any and all membership codes remain the property of the Company. Once a membership code has been issued, only the Member to whom it was issued, or the representatives registered with the Company in the case of non-person entity Members, are entitled to use that membership code.

6. 1. The right to use the membership code may only be transferred with the prior written consent of the Company.

6. 2. The right to use the membership code may only be assigned as a gift with the prior written consent of the Company.

6. 3. The right to use the membership code may be inherited according to the successional regulations of the deceased Member's home country. The deceased Member's heir becomes a CV Network Member only after completing and signing a special written data modification statement, and acceptance of that such statement by the Company.

7. Should the Member for any reason - except for the case of death - discontinue membership in the CV Network, then he or she, either as a person Member or as a representative of a non-person entity Member, will no longer be entitled to use his or her membership code.
If a non-person entity Member ceases to exist for any reason, those persons registered as representatives of such Member may continue - according to a written agreement with the Company - their activities with the given code as private person Members.

8. Upon admission to the CV Network, the Member receives the CV Network documentation, the membership card that includes his or her network code number and the business newsletter regularly published by the Company.

9. The membership is valid from the admission to December 31 of the same year, or - in the case of admission after September 1 - December 31 of the following year.

10. The Company reserves the right to modify the Regulations without prior notice to, or consent of the Members.

11. Determining the Regulations of the CV Network is the exclusive right of the Company.

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