Water is vital in our lives. Any living body is made of water and its features are dependent on it. It is a suitable environment for life processes.

Here are the basic functions of water in our bodies:
- Assists the absorption of nutrients
- Transports nutrients to cells
- Dissolved from the body and removes redundant products of metabolism
- Moisturizes the air exhalation
- Play an important role in regulating body temperature
- Amortises ponds
- Create a flexible protective coat around the important organs
- Protect against cosmic radiation

Water plays a key role in water and electrolyte balance of the body.
Aquarion - water ioniser that as a result of multiple-stage filtering process removes impurities and toxins, such as heavy metals, chlorine and pesticides from tap water. This ionised water system adjust the pH of your water and converts pH balance of the filtered water to either alkaline or acidic. The pH of our body should be slightly alkaline, drinking alkaline water has a positive impact on the body's water reserves, which improves the quality of your life.

To eliminate microorganisms presented in ordinary tap water we need the proper filters. Most traditional water filters can eliminate from the water only larger particles. Aquarion is a device which has a filter with diameter of 0.01 micron and is equipped with an automatic system for cleaning the electrodes. Unlike traditional filtering devices it allows you to adjust the pH of your water. It does this by exploiting the natural electrical charge of the calcium and magnesium ions present in water, to shift the pH balance of the filtered water to either alkaline or acidic.

Ionized alkaline water may be useful in restoring a healthy metabolic acid-base balance, as foods, food additives and medications may shift the pH balance of the body towards the acidic.

Ionized acidic water may be also beneficial for external, topical applications. It can help support healthy skin, and keep the pores free of impurities. It has been used against foot and nail fungus, and in Japan has been used to some effect against wounds and burns.

Distribution of water begins in the water tank between the two titanium-platinum electrodes, positive and negative, anode and cathode.  As in the processes occurring in nature, the device attracts opposite ions: negatively charged electrode attracts substances with a positive charge, while the positively charged electrode attracts negatively charged substances. Negative electrode accumulates calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium, which are also the most important alkaline components in our diet.

Research suggests that ionized alkaline water is an anti-oxidant, useful in scavenging free radicals from the body. Free radicals are unstable atoms with unpaired electrons that steal electrons from other atoms, causing them in turn to become free radicals. The cell damage cause by this chain reaction of free radicals (called oxidation) is known as the main cause of ageing.

Water molecules tend to bond together in clusters which average 12 to 18 individual molecules or more. Ionized water tends to form smaller clusters, usually averaging about 6 molecules. The smaller cluster may enhance cellular absorption, and help improve the hydrating effect of water.

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