Varicose veins

Varicose veins show up as extended, unaesthetic visible blood vessels under the skin. Most appear on calf's, tights , feet, but also can occur in any tissue. The most dangerous are deep veins. This illness is very often accompanied by pain, swelling and cramps in calf at night. Untreated may lead to difficulty with skin ulcers healing and to thrombosis that roots to congestion. Blood flows more slowly and leads to skin swelling. It is important to apply the appropriate treatment such as using suitable, anti varicose veins stockings and specific nutrition and supplementation. That way you treat yourself from the outside and inside.

How varicose veins form?

Outflow of blood from the legs to the heart provide three types of venous vessels:
  •  Deep vein
  • Superficial vein
  • Binding vessels

Veins are equipped with valve that ensure the blood flow to the heart and prevents its recession at the same time.

If valve do not work properly, blood begins to collapse under the weight of its own and accumulate in the superficial veins causing them to over-extension and distension. The walls of veins under the influence of too high blood pressure become visible at the surface of the skin. The more increases the diameter of the vein the more difficult is to carry their work properly. This way the disease is progressing further and includes more veins.

RISK FACTORS OF Varicose veins:
Hereditary tendency
Very often this disease is transmitted genetically. This does not mean that the disease manifests itself in every generation. Often, varicose veins can be inherited by grandmother.

Long term work standing or sitting
In these positions the muscular pump, which helps to overcome gravity, does not work properly. In addition, the seating position makes pressure under the knees and in consequence significantly reduce veins in diameter.

In about 80% of women varicose veins occur in the first trimester of pregnancy as a result of high hormonal changes in the body. In addition, varicose veins favour the pressure of the abdominal as well as obesity combined with a significant decrease in physical activity.

Increased weight leads to a distortion in blood circulation. Particularly large amount of body fat in the abdominal area slows down the flow of blood from the legs towards the heart.

Hormonal disorders
Hormones have a major impact on water and electrolyte system in the body thus, on condition of the veins. Both during menopause or pregnancy as well as wrongly used contraceptive pills may lead to irreversible changes in the venous system.

Sauna and flaming
Veins heating results in loss of tension and extension of their walls. Blood flows more slowly, and in consequence leads to swelling.

Most important is to HIGHLIGHT SIGNS:
  1. Blue veins visible under the skin near calf’s , on knee bend or on tights
  2. Sensory disturbances, numbness, tingling
  3. Itching around the ankles
  4. Strong pain in legs
  5. Calf’s cramps at night
These symptoms do not necessarily occur simultaneously. Sometimes, varicose veins do not cause noticeable ailments and are limited to aesthetic changes visible under the skin.
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