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In the selection of body regeneration we must take into account our psycho-physical nature, environment we live, relationships with other people, their careers, interests, and the type of diet we maintain. The human body is part of the nature and if it works they way nature wants, you can remain in excellent health and fitness. If you are an athlete or exercise a lot, you must treat your body well and be serious about it. You need to supply the body with natural nutrition, dietary specific components and products for the regeneration and detoxification (see detoxification). Another way to feel better is to support your body with products such as glutamine, which is involved in the break down of harmful ammonia and plays an important role in optimal functions of the immune and nervous system.
Next stage is OxyMax (oxygen) - one of the most common elements existing on Earth. It is necessary for cells's living, regeneration, renewal and the defence against bacteria. OxyMax increases the assimilation of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, you may use supplements that consist proteins and carbohydrates.  Bio- Harmonex that emits natural, positive magnetic field around the body might be useful. Last stage of body regeneration would be a massage, sauna or swimming.

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