Injuries may result from traffic collisions, drowning, poisoning, falls or burns. It could be caused an assault, self-inflicted violence. They account for 9% of global mortality, and are a threat to health in every country of the world.

To help injury treatment, physiotherapy, your doctor will recommend the systematic, preventive, renewal support treatment, that works analgesic.  The best way to achieved it is to use Bio-Harmonex. Regeneration is essential and it will be quicker if you use double-potency Lecithin, which reduces pain in joints. 

For Athletes who want quickly combat injuries and return to intensive training, Shark Aid might be the answer! It is a shark cartilage that regenerates and helps the bursa produce adequate quantities of gunk and alleviates inflammation.

Supplements such as Power Mins, Strong Bones, Stress Management, and Vitamin C will complete the correct diet and renewal.

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