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CaliVita products are the highest quality nutrition for athletes in the world.
In the production of these nutrition the company is using raw materials of natural origin. They are certified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) to ensure 100% quality. Every raw material is a subject to be measured to assess its purity, moisture, pH, content of heavy metals and all other analysis.  All product are controlled, by it's color, odour, density and hardness.

All proteins have the highest biological value (BV), that means the ability to replenish the storage of nitrogen in the body (positive nitrogen balance). The positive balance of nitrogen (GNP) prevents dissolution of its own muscle tissue. High PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Amino Amid Score) mentions the essential amino acid content in protein and it's digestibility by the body.
Of the eight essential amino acids, 3 (leucine, isoleucine, valine) are classified according to their chemical structure of ramificated amino acids BCAA, they are used directly by the skeletal muscle tissue and may not be digested by the liver. This is very important to avoid catabolic process, namely the distribution of muscle fibers. It is very important to support the liver and detoxify the body throughout application of high-protein nutritions.

The necessary supplement for the athletes are:

     * Mega-B Complex >> find more <<
     * Liver Aid >> find more <<
     * Oxymax >> find more <<
     * Arginine Plus >> find more <<

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