The Earth's magnetic field is necessary for the proper functioning of your body. Every cell in the human body generates an electromagnetic field. This energy field is one of the ways cells communicate with each other to initiate and regulate various physiological processes. Through development of our civilization, we are surrounded by magnetic fields of high frequencies, which has disturbing effect on our cells. Therefore, assimilation of nutrients and oxygen decreases. The excretion of substances from cells that arise because of metabolic processes, as well as excretion of water and carbon dioxide may decline.

when is set to appropriate programs, assists work and optimal functions of cells. The pulsed electromagnetic field generated by BioHarmonex, through the principle of bio-resonance, is intended to help support and stimulate the natural electromagnetic field produced by the specific tissues of the body.
It uses the power from a small internal battery, to emit a low frequency electromagnetic field. The particular pattern of the electromagnetic emission varies according to one of 20 pre-set programs. Each of these programs is designed to match the cellular electromagnetic activity related to a particular bodily function, or part of the body, which is essential for bio-resonance to occur. In effect, each program is targeting a specific physiological “window” and, in so doing, is helping to support metabolic function and performance.

Program selection:
CHILD – Child’s metabolism has special needs. Bio-Harmonex supports the optimal development of our children.
IMMUNE – Bio-resonance help support the overall function of the immune system.
FOREVER YOUNG – Intended to help support anti-oxidant activity, saves youth.
HORMONE – Intended to help support the optimal level of female and male hormones.
PAIN – In response to pain, the body can utilize several natural analgesics, such as endorphins, and protease enzymes. Bio-resonance may help support receptivity to these natural analgesics.
RELAX –  Helps counterbalance harmful stress effects, and support calmness and well-being.

NERVES –  Supports and harmonizes central nervous system.

WEIGHT LOSS –  This program is intended to help support the process of metabolism and, in result,  helps in slimming process

DETOX – Bio-resonance helps in detoxification of the body by supporting the optimum functioning of vital organs, such as liver, kidney, intestines and spleen.
EYE - VISION – Bio-resonance may be helpful in supporting the function and re-generation of cells related to eyesight as well as assisting the treatment of vision disorders.
CIRCULATION – This program is intended to help support the function of the circulation system. It prevents from chronic diseases of heart and blood vessels.
RESPIRATION – Bio-resonance may help support harmonious functioning of the lungs and respiratory system.
DIGESTION – This program helps digestion and absorption.

LIVER - PANCREAS – Another program intended to help support proper digestion.

SKIN – Intended to harmonize with the epithelial cells of the skin, the renewal of which is vital for healthy appearance and elasticity.
URINARY – This program is intended to help support the healthy function of the kidneys and urinary tracts.

BONES / SPINE – To remain healthy bones. This program support prevention of osteoporosis.

AFTER TRAINING – Speeds up the process of regeneration after training
MERIDIAN – According to traditional Chinese medicine, the human body is covered with an invisible network of channels, called meridians. The meridians play a role in communication and coordination between different organs and parts of the body, and in blood and energy circulation. When these meridians are disturbed, metabolic harmony and balance may be adversely affected. This program is intended to stimulate and harmonize with the meridians and help support optimal metabolic functioning and inner harmony.
BIORHYTHM – This program is intended to harmonize with the inner rhythm of the body, and help support optimization of the current cycle. Reduces the effects of response to weather changes in the body.
The BioHarmonex is completely safe to use for all age groups, and health levels, although if you have an implanted pacemaker or other kind of electronic device, you should consult a qualified physician before using it.

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