COMMUNIGUARD - scientifically programmed film, which is designed to protect the body against adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation from electrical appliances for domestic use.

It is advisable for use on:

     * Mobile phones,
     * Laptop computers,
     * Hair dryers in (particular for hairdressers),
     * Shavers,
     * Baby monitoring devices,
     * Pagers,
     * Intercoms,
     * TV's
     * Microwave ovens,
     * MP3 players,
     * GPS,
     * In the car.

All living cells and tissues in human organism produce an electromagnetic field. Main factor to all electro sensitivity comes from the fact that the oscilation and amplitude of electromagnetic field emitted by electronics, may differ from the natural electromagnetic field emitted by the human body.
Such interference can cause disruption in electromagnetic activity in the body.

COMMUNIGUARD sticker by using the principles of bio-resonance supports the processes that affect the electromagnetic waves produced
by the electronic and electrical equipment. Thanks to COMMUNIGUARD all electromagnetic waves match the natural electromagnetic pattern produced by our metabolism.


Remove from the protective foil and stick it  to the back surface of your mobile phone or on the outside casing of any other device.

Interesting fact

     * The initial temperature of the head is 27.5 ° C
     * The temperature of the head after 4 minutes using a mobile phone without COMMUNIGUARD is 31.5 ° C
     * The temperature of the head after 4 minutes using a mobile phone with COMMUNIGUARD is 27.5 ° C

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