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BioHarmonex® is a device, operating according to the principles of biophysics, more precisely bioresonance, which was developed specifically for home use. Those following the principles of bioresonance claim that each cell of the human body generates an electromagnetic field. This energy field is one way by which cells can communicate with each other and initiate or control the various physiological processes in our body. BioHarmonex® generates an external electromagnetic field, which can support the natural processes of the organism by “addressing” the natural electromagnetic fields generated by certain tissues of the body.

  • ANTIFRONT  For a good general state of health at all times.
  • BIORHYTHM – For a harmonically functioning biorhythm.
  • SKIN – For the beautiful skin and its appropriate functioning.
  • BONES/TISSUES – The vibrations of the program are in harmony with the processes that take place in the bones and tissues.
  • AFTER TRAINING – For regeneration following intensive physical exercise.
  • DIGESTION – With vibrations tuned to optimise the digestive functions.
  • PAIN – A program for a good general state of health at all times.
  • CHILDREN – For the special needs of children.
  • HORMONES – A program specifically targeting the hormone system.
  • NERVES – A program developed for those who need excellent mental functions and concentration every day.
  • IMMUNE – With vibrations addressing the immune system.
  • CIRCULATION – Primarily for those who intensively challenge the functioning of their circulatory system (athletes) or who need support for the optimal functioning of their circulation.
  • RELAX – For relaxing, winding down and relaxation programmes.
  • BREATHING – To support the proper breathing. Especially recommended for athletes, smokers and people living in cities.
  • LIVER/PANCREAS – The upgraded version of the “Digestion” program, specifically targeting these two organs.
  • MENSES  For natural femininity.
  • MENTAL RECHARGE  For proper relaxation, also in case you are extremely overburdened.
  • DETOXIFICATION – This program can support detoxification processes.
  • MERIDIAN – Its goal is to harmonise the functioning of acupunctural meridians.
  • LYMPHATIC SYSTEM  For the healthy functioning of the lymphatic system.
  • FOREVER YOUNG – A program for the antioxidant processes and eternal youth.
  • PROSTATE  For mature, middle-aged and elderly men.
  • WEIGHT LOSS – A program developed to support appropriately applied weight loss methods and anti-cellulite treatments.
  • EYES/SIGHT – With vibrations developed especially for those performing work or activities that heavily stress the eyes.
  • KIDNEYS – Its vibrations are in harmony with the optimal kidney functions.

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