Coenzyme Q10 (10mg)

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10, ubiquinone) is a indispensable source of energy, youth and vitality for your body!!!. It is essential in the fight against cancer and is responsible for the proper metabolism of each cell. This substance is present in each of our cells, it helps nutrients transform into ATP (adenosine triphosphate) that is into energy carrier.
Q10 may offer help not only in case of decreased production on elderly age, but in case of increased physical-mental strain. It guarantees enhanced energy production and less fatigue. Aside its energizing effect, it also helps maintain healthy cardiac functions. By its antioxidant effects promotes the protection of cells against the harmful effects of free radicals. Q10 have beneficial effects on ulcer's treatment. In addition, Coenzyme Q 10 increases the effectiveness of certain supplement.
Q10 is a natural substance produced by our body. It is produced on the one hand in the liver; on the other hand we ingest it with food. It is important to know that the endogenous (local) production of Q10 decreases with advancement of age (from 30-35 years on).
The lack of Q 10 leads to energy shortage in the body, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, damage of coronary vessel and even to a heart attack.

A significant reduction of Coenzyme Q1O in the body occurs when:

     * Malnutrition (incorrect dietary habits, malnutrition, alcohol)
     * Cardiovascular disease (hypertension, heart failure, particularly in the heart attack)
     * Obesity
     * During treatment with certain drugs (such as reducing cholesterol levels)
     * Chemotherapy
     * Radiotherapy
     * Teeth disease 
     * Mycosis
     * Multiple Sclerosis
     * Diabetes
   The shortage of Coenzyme Q10 follows:

     * A deficit of energy
     * Impairment of functions throughout the body and especially the heart muscle cells
     * Immune system disorders
     * The aging of the skin and body, accelerating the formation of wrinkles


- Sensitive to heat and light, it should be considered in storing! The quality of clean Q10 decreases above 35 Celsius degrees.
- The beneficial effects of Q10 show after some weeks of consumption.
- In order to avoid repeated deficiency, it is recommended to take continuously a maintaining dose of 10-30 mg daily
- The use of the dietary supplement would not influence the endogenous Q10 production in the liver. So we should not worry that our body “forgets” producing it on.

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