IntiMoments - pleasure enhancer cream


Healthy and regular sexual activity is virtually indispensable for a feeling of well-being. IntiMoments is a moisturising cream designed for daily intimate care. The composition is based on natural, carefully selected and blended ingredients. It improves quality of women's life through positive impact on intimate relationships with its partner and also supports the healthy and normal functioning of the female genitalia, does not contain hormones.

Eucalyptol - tones, has antiseptic and antiphlogistic activity
Aloe Vera extract - moisturizes, soothes, regenerates.
Chlorella - is nutritional, increases flexibility, humidity of skin and mucous membranes
Seabuckthorn extract - has a nutritional, antioxidant and regenerating activity
Camomile extract - softens, soothes and acts antiphlogisticly
Rosemary extract- tonic and refreshing, antiseptics, nutritional
Elastin - increased flexibility, firmness, moisturizes and smooths
Collagen - stimulates the processes of renewal
Green Tea extract- supports antioxidant and nutritional actions
L-Arginine - help to promote topical circulation and to enhance sensitivity to stimuli
Lanolin, castor oil - lubricates and softens targeted areas

For everyday use without age restrictions. Very helpful for women during menopause and women with vaginal dryness.

- Do not use during pregnancy.
- During first 2 weeks use 2 times a day, later 1 time a day or by individual needs.
- Wash hands before using.

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