Suitable for the sick, healthy people and athletes. OXYGEN is one of the most common elements present on Earth, essential for billion body cells to live. The level of oxygen in the environment is getting lower but demand increases. Ever-increasing carbon dioxide emissions and other forms of pollution may mean that air in urban centres may have a reduced oxygen content. Civilization progress, stress, shallow breathing, the deterioration of water quality, inactive lifestyle, poor nutrition increases body's demand for oxygen. Oxygen is essential to wellness, regeneration and power generation. It is also necessary to improve the work of the brain, cardiovascular, detoxification, treatment and the elimination of anaerobic microbes, what may help support the immune system.

 The shortage of oxygen in the body can occur in the following situations: abnormal, too shallow breathing, smoking (even passive), deterioration of water quality, consume large quantities of fizzy drinks, alcohol, coffee, the consumption of artificial, modified foods, medical treatment, lack of physical activity . Recently, a great deal of interest show supplements containing biological oxygen. Among them the most efficient oxygen is the one which has been stabilized, the quality does not change over the years, does not have a negative impact and scavenging the formation of free radicals.

OxyMax contains 12 000 molecules of highly bioavailable stabilized oxygen. It is 1,000 times more than the amount of oxygen contained in tap water (for comparison, in case of water from the tap this value is 5-7, while in the case of spring water 10-12). By entering the blood through the digestive system, it is intended to help support oxygen levels in the metabolism. 
Stabilized Oxygen is a true champion of its kind: it improves delivery of oxygen in the cells, which has  positive influence on the processes of metabolism and increases the assimilation and use of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs in the body. Due to detoxifying activity  OxyMax eliminates anaerobic bacterias, reduces distress in the cardio-vascular diseases and related breathing disorders.
 As oxygen supply to the cells is necessary for the utilizations of nutrients and the production of energy, enhanced oxygen supply may be beneficial for supporting athletic performance and other forms of physical activity. Increased supply of oxygen in the brain has a positive impact on mental processes.
This product should only be used diluted according to the instructions.

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