Infant Formula

Infant Formula

An adequate, balanced nutrient intake for children is important to help ensure healthy growth, and mental-physical development. A properly fed child develops healthily, learns more quickly, and feels much better. Vitamins contained in this product support optimum functioning of the body and affect the good mood of the child. Any shortages in his age cause in children crying, tension and sleeping problems. Therefore, supplements of natural origin are irreplaceable. Recent studies shows that food stored in the refrigerator for a longer period of time loses its nutritional values of up to 60%.

In the various stages of children's development the most  important period is infancy. Well fed children are  healthy and are developing properly. This age is especially important from the point of view of nutrition, because of the body’s rapid physiological development and change.
Nowadays, mixtures for babies or nursing mothers diet hardly provide adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. The reason why it happens is that the manufacturing, processing and maintenance have an adverse impact on the nutritional value of each food. In addition, external factors such as artificial lighting, polluted urban air, medicines, stress. All of these increase demand for Vitamins both the mother and infant.
Adequate quantities of minerals and vitamins is extremely important for children in preschool and school age. Infant Formula is designed for children under the age of 6 years. It contains Vitamin A from fish oil, and Vitamin E from natural plant oils. It also contains the most important B Vitamins, and Vitamin C, all from natural sources. The formula is in the form of pleasant tasting liquid, to enhance utilization and absorption.

- Consult with a qualified pediatrician before using this product for your child.
- Do not use if you are still nursing your child.

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