Strong Bones - calcium & magnesium

Chelated character of this product ensures a constant level of calcium and magnesium in the body. The two active components of CaliVita® Strong Bones are in the optimum nutritional ratio of  2 to 1.

99% of the calcium in our bodies can be found in the bones and teeth. Apart from supporting our skeletal structure and teeth, calcium also helps in muscular function, the function of the central nervous system, and normal blood coagulation.
60% of the magnesium in our metabolism can be found in the skeleton. It helps support teeth and bones structure, as well as maintain optimal functioning of the central nervous system and muscles.

CaliVita® Strong Bones moderates and relax. It also prevents from kidney stones, which makes it an indispensable product in our daily diet.


- Do not exceed recommended dose.
- Consult with your doctor before taking this product if you intend on taking any other calcium or magnesium containing supplements concurrently with this product. High doses of these two substances over a prolonged period may have adverse health effects.

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