Oregano Oil - 30ml

Oil of Oregano had a significant role in the popular medicine of both ancient people - Greek and Egyptian.  They applied it externally and internally in countless cases. 

Nowadays people got used to use the subspecies of oregano Origanum vulgare as an important culinary herb. It is particularly widely used in Greek and in Italian cuisine.  Few people know that it can be recommended for daily use not only because its excellent taste.

Oregano contains several components :

- volatile oils such as thymol, borneol, and carvacrol - responsible for its excellent antimicrobial effect
- flavonoids ( powerful antioxidants)  - they promote the protection of cells against free radicals
- rosmarinic acid
- sterols
- Vitamins A and C
- several minerals


Externally (directly to the affected area):

- Skin – bruises or insects bites (a few drops and rub it in)
- Hair care (add to shampoo)
- Hand wash, shower (add to liquid soap or to shower gel)
- Teeth and gums (put on toothbrush or use as a mouthwash with water)
- Fungal growth - „athlete’s foot (drop on toenail)
- Inhaling


- Drip 4 drops of CaliVita Oregano Oil in a spoonful of water, fruit juice or milk
- It can be applied by dripping under the tongue
- Take a small amount of water in your mouth, then drip the oil in, then swallow

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