Polinesian Noni Juice

Noni (Morinda citrifolia) is a unique evergreen plant indigenous to Polynesia, Malaysia, Australia and South-East Asia. Polinesian Noni Juice has been used for centuries by population of Hawai. Now enjoys a growing international recognition. It is exceptionally rich in beneficial micronutrients and phytochemicals. This is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, fully covering the daily needs of the body to these substances.

Nonie fruit contains 18 kinds of amino acids, including all of the essential aminos, as well as the complete spectrum of B vitamins. It is also rich is several excellent anti-oxidants such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, proanthocyanadin, and anthocyanadin. It contains several important minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese, and sodium. Noni is a good source of the soluable dietary fiber pectin, and contains linoleic acid, a beneficial Omega-6 fatty acid.

Noni is exceptionally rich in an important molecule called proxeronin that liver uses to produces xeronin. Xeronin is an alkaloid which research suggests plays a role in helping support and maintain the protein structures involved in various metabolic processes, including enzymes and hormones. Xeronin and Proxeronin have a great antidepression properties. These substances increase the production of Endorfina, which improves mood and general wellbeing. In addition, xeronin acts antiallergic and improves body's resistance. Noni also eliminates many ailments associated with digestion and has painkilling properties, without causing addiction. It also helps people to stop smoking (smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction) and the early, very unpleasant symptoms of abstinence are less severe.

This juice increases levels of serotonin and melatonin in the body which prevents the frequent changes of mood and positively affects the biological rhythms of sleep. Noni, stimulates the production of nitric oxide that plays an important role in lowering high blood pressure. Nitric oxide diastoles blood vessels and reduces formation of thrombus. In result improves supply of oxygen and nutrients in body's tissues, reducing the risk of a heart attack and stroke.
Present in Noni damnacanthal supports the work of the immune system, which is producing an adequate number of immune cells, effectively combat the disease. Thanks to the presence of damnacanthal, Noni prevents cancer.
Aside cancer prevention Noni also shows adaptogenic properties - stimulates the natural defense.

As about 150 different nutrients have been identified in Noni fruit, it is not hard to see why Noni has been such a popular dietary supplement.

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