Pro-State Power

80% of men in Europe has a benign enlargement of prostate. This has become a civilization disease. Pro-State Power will deal with with the problem quickly. It works diuretic, antiphologistic, antineoplastic, improves the flow of urine, regulates the level of hormones and contributes positively to the male libido.

Benign prostate hyperplasia or BPH is a disease of civilization, affecting about 80% of men in Europe and the United States. It is caused by changes in the level of male hormones. Aside hormones additional impact has inadequate, poor diet.  The prostate is a chestnut-sized gland situated between the bladder neck and the rectum. It is found only in men, and it plays an essential role in proper sexual function.  An enlarged prostate can result in discomfort, decreased urine flow, more frequent urination, and other health problems. Many patients are ashamed of their ailments and do not inform the doctor or inform too late. Untreated disease can lead to inflammatory condition of urinary tract, kidney disorders and even cancer. A few years ago benign prostate hyperplasia treatment included surgical intervention. Currently medicine is focused on prevention and  inhibition of  prostate enlargement.

Extremely valuable are extracts from plants, due to their high efficiency and lack of side effects. Studies have proved that extracts from the fruit of the small palm tree, Saw Palmetto Berry, may have an inhibitory effect on the conversion of testosterone to DHT (substances though to be responsible for BPH), and also inhibit both estrogen and androgen receptors in the cells, without interfering with testosterone. It improves the flow of urine and decreases the frequency of night-time urination.
The bark of Pygeum Africanum contains antiphlogistic phytosteroids, which support hormonal balance, slows enlargement of the prostate and has diuretic properties.
Flaxseeds are the source of 27 different antiphlogistic substances, antioxidants, omega-fatty acids and has shown anti-inflamatory properties. Among those whose diet contains large quantities of flaxseeds, appears to be significantly less incidence of breast cancer, colon and prostate.
Stinging Nettle works diuretic, strengthening. It contains several anti-inflammatory flavanoids. In result, alleviates inflammation of urinary tract, kidney, bladder and ailments associated with renal stones. Nettle may help support the hormone binding proteins in the blood.
Lycopene complex is a strong antioxidant, has antineoplastic properties.
Bioperin is one of the components of black pepper. Enhances the body’s absorption and utilization of several vitamins, trace elements and herbal agents.
Selenium has a strong antioxidant effect. It is essential in the synthesis of sperm and influenced by the male libido, reduces the effects of hormonal imbalance. It also protects cells against harmful effects of free radicals.
Zinc plays a key role in the normal functioning of the reproductive organs, stimulates the production of male hormones which affect erection and ejaculation. Shortage of this component in the body can lead to infertility.


- Consult with a qualified medical practioner before taking any supplement.
- This product is formulated exclusively for adult men. It is not recommended for children, minors, or women.
- This product is not intended to treat, cure or affect any medical condition. If you have, or think you may have prostate problems, or any other kind of medical condition, seek qualified medical advice before taking this product.

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