Rhodiolin - rhodiola rosea extract

Rhodiolin (Rhodiola rosea) is a plant that grows in cold regions of the northern hemisphere, such as, for example, arctic regions of Siberia. This plant has adaptogenic properties, which helps keep the body in good physical and mental condition. Rhodiolin is rich in beneficial nutrients including flavanoids, tannins, essential oils, and antioxidants.

How Rhodiolin affects the body?

* Prevents cardiac infarction and heart arrhythmia
* Reduces ischemia
* Regulates blood pressure
* Prevents chronic fatigue
* Stimulates sexual vitality, cures impotence and frigidity
* In diabetes helps maintain proper levels of glucose in the blood, stimulates the production of insulin and increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin
* Protects the liver and reduces the side-effect of using different remedies;
* Reduces stress and nervous pressure
* Improves efficiency, vitality and motor activity in athletes
* Assists treatment of gastric ulcers, reduces and eliminates heartburn
* Works analgesic
* During stress increases levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain (the so-called hormone of happiness) and at the same time lowers the level of hormones which increases the amount of stress
* Prevents cancer
* This is a source of vitamins and minerals
* Regulates mood, sleep, attention

Some studies have suggested that the phenylpropanoids in rhodiolin may play a role in inhibiting the action of monoamine oxidase (MAO), and thus may help to optimize the level of the mood elevating neurotransmitters. It has been shown that rhodiolin may support the level of beta endorphins (pain relievers) in the body.


* Half an hour before the meal
* Take before 4/5 PM
* Dose depends on needs, when needed 3 x 2 tablets


- Consult with a qualified medical practitioner before taking any supplement.

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