Support Kit for Arthritis


Musculoskeletal discomfort or disorders are often the consequence of improper diet, sedentary lifestyle, constant stress. Connective tissue often becomes the storage of harmful substances that has not been removed from our body. In heavy usage of the osteoarticular system it stops to work in a proper manner.

To help your joints, use supplements that are 100% natural origin and are based on complex  of minerals, vitamins and herbal substances essential for the proper functioning of joints and osteoarticular system.

Support KIT for osteoarticular system includes the following products:

1.    Triple Potency Lecithin - lecithin is required to restore damaged joints, supports when joint deficiency occur, speeds up recovery from all injuries, essential for athletes joints.

2.    Strong Bones Plus - strong bones and muscles. Well-composed set, appropriate proportions of calcium and magnesium  and supplemented with Vitamin D to increase its absorption.

3.    Pure Yucca -  powdered Yucca stalk. Cleansing the body from toxins that accumulate in the joints and lead to unpleasant pain. Accelerates the excretion of toxins from the body.

4.    Joint Protex - is a powerful aid in recovery and maintaining a healthy connective tissue. It has a positive effect on the mechanical properties and flexibility of the joints, contributes improvement of the locomotor system in our body. The product is recommended primarily for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis, as well as people suffering from repetitive joint pain. Herbal ingredients contained in that product are essential in rebuilding healthy connective tissue. You won’t find those ingredients in a normal diet, or they occur in small amounts.

All of the above natural CaliVita products used together, constitute the entire treatment, which will improve fitness and health of your joints, as well as the osteoarticular system.

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