Citrimax & Chromium

Citrimax Chromium - does not change carbohydrates in fat thus lowers levels of cholesterol in triglycerides. It is created for people who love to eat. Thanks to well-chosen compounds they can get a great help in loosing unnecessary kilograms. During the meal more calories are used to produce heat in the body, providing, in result, smaller supplies of fat in the body.

Reducing the amount of calories consumed is an effective way to get rid of extra kilograms, but not everyone is able to maintain such a regime. People tired with another diet, reach for products that reduce appetite, which often contain substances of synthetic origin. Most of them can cause numerous side effects such as hyperactivity, depression, sleep disorders, hypertension and irregular heart rate.
It is recommended to use supplements, which do not stimulate directly the brain tissue. For example, hydroxyl-citrate (HCA), also known as Citrimax, which supports body's natural metabolic processes, and may be helpful in decreasing apetite.
Citrimax is a form of citric acid derived from the fruit of Garcinia cambogia, a plant native to South India and Southeast Asia. For many years people in India use the fruits of Garcinia cambogia as a natural preservative, spices, even as a fragrance. In South Asia, traditional medicine often used it for treatment of coronary heart disease.
Hydroxyl-citrate (HCA), aside decreasing apetite, regulates a number of important processes in the body. It inhibits lipogenesis, whereby the body converts excess carbohydrates to fat. It also enhances thermogenesis, the burning of calories that generates heat.
Beneficial functioning of HCA may be strengthen with nutrients that work synergistically, for example, chromium and vanadium.

Chromium, as a second main compound in Citromax, plays an important role in the oxidation of carbohydrates to produce energy, as well as regulation of body fat storage. It may provide optimal nutritional support for weight management programs.


- You should consult with a qualified medical practitioner, before taking any supplement.
- This products is for adults only, and is not recommended while pregnant or nursing.

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