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Why should you choose CaliVita®?

With minimum investment and virtually no risk, Members may earn a substantial income proportionate to the time and effort invested.

1. Independence.
You decide for yourself when and with whom to work.

2. Financial security. CaliVita® International offers You unlimited income potencial and the chance for real financial independence. The potential is only limited by the time and effort invested by the Member - yourself. For those who have higher-than-average achievements The Company prepared outstanding, extra income reward.

3. Success. CaliVita® International provides substantial financial rewards and corporate recognition for it's most successful Members. Each member has an equal opportunity to achieve a success. The potential is there, it only depends on Your efforts to capitalize the company's potential.

4. CaliTeam.
The network Members are part of the CaliTeam. As part of the team they receive moral support from other Members and can keep in touch with friends and acquaintances. The network Members have ample opportunity to spend time in an interesting, pleasant and enriching way.

5. Health.
Those who embrace and follow the philosophy of the Company enjoy a more vibrant and healthy life. An integral part of this healthier lifestyle is enhanced nutrition through use of CaliVita® International supplements.

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