Acidoza or acidosis - acidification of the body

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Acidosis is simply acidity of the body. Reasons for such a situation may be:

* Chronic disease
* Infections
* Frequent inflammation
* Environmental contamination
* Preservatives
* Fried dish
* Sweets
* Contaminated water
* Stress

All the so-called diseases are toxemic diseases.
The disease, pain, body changes are a way to expel toxins. Taking medicine, for example, we are fighting against painful symptoms of disease. It is the same situation when turning off the red light in the car at the time of failure ... Why no one does it? Each of us is going to the workshop ... trying to find a failure to prevent from accident. We also know that postponing repair may cause in the future an increase of costs.

And what do we do?

We take painkillers and live the problem.

How far we can get that way?

At the time when there is excess of toxins in our body we are dealing with a toxemic crisis.

Effective and recommended treatment for the body to deal with toxins is “Liquid Chlorophil”.

One bottle (473 ml) is enough for the entire detoxifying treatment. We use 1 -2 tea spoons in the glass of hot water. Drink before the meal. Open bottle must be kept in the refrigerator.

toxemia = disease

To guarantee our health and well-being the speed of excretion of toxins must be equal speed of their formation.

Toxemia decreases work of immune system and, as a consequence, leads to impaired balance (homeostasis) of the body. This process causes acidosis or in other words acidity of the body. When body is heavily polluted, acidified, it can not cope with the basic functions and processes that ensure our well-being.

The body begins to search for alkaline reserves, that are usually found in bones, and, at the end, gets it.

In order not to loose calcium from bones, we must provide chelated form of calcium that alkalizes your internal environment.

Chelated calcium is base-forming and has the ability to detoxify your body especially from toxins, heavy metals known as inorganic calcium, which has oxyntic properties.

Calcium and magnesium in chelated form is specially used in bone and joints diseases. It is recommended in prevention and treatment of renal calculosis and gall stones. The removal of the gall bladder stones is not reducing their formation, they may still arise in a gall ducts. It is also crucial to deacidify the body in cases of rheumatoid arthritis.

The beginning of acidosis may appear itself trivially in the form of weak, disunite and breakable nail, also as a hair loss and sudden turn grey.

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