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By accepting this present declaration, I , the undersigned, join the CaliVita International Network as a member, effective as of the present day. I perform my activity as a private individual on my own behalf, at my own responsibility and risk, or in behalf of another organisation, as its representative, as its responsibility and risk. I undretake to fulfill my possible financial, taxation obligations arising from the activity detailed above and adhere to all relevant ordinances of EU legislation. I hereby declare that I know the Operational Regulations, ordinances of CaliVita International, and I shall perform my acitivity in the knowledge of that document.
I acknowledge that if I do not adhere to the above regulations, or I don’t comply with the Operational Regulations in effect, the network shall immediately terminate my membership, and I shall have no demands or claims whatsover towards the Network or its operator. I hereby grant permission for the handing of my data by Network, by the company/companies operating it, or by their subcontractors, as well as the exchange of my data between them, as long as I maintain membership in the network, and even after that, until I withdraw this present permission.

I hereby declare that the data given is real. The network shall not be responsible for damages resulting from inaccurate data given, or from the failure of providing information about changes in the above data within 15 days.
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